ReXist360 Training System

$ 79.00 USD

ReXist360 Training System
ReXist360 Training System ReXist360 Training System

$ 79.00 USD

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  • Your ReXist360 Training system comes with 2 neoprene cuffs, 4 levels of resistance, and a mesh carrying bag, DVD and quick-10 move workout poster. (Pants sold separately)

    Choose your level of resistance and customize your own experience.

    ReXist360 resistance bands can also be layered for a unique and customizable exercise experience. Caution: do not layer more than 2 or 3 bands maximum at one time.

    Made of Polyester and Rubber

  • Level I: Yellow is the lightest, thinnest band offering a small, yet sufficient, amount of resistance and is good for those new to resistance training or for higher rep movements like cardio and plyometrics.

    Level II: Green is a medium resistance that is slightly more intense than the Yellow band. For those who are more advanced or would like a bit more of a challenge, the green band is the one for you!

    Level III: Red is the first level within the "heavy resistance" category. Advanced, stronger exercisers will love the resistance in this band and those a bit newer to fitness can use this level for smaller movements and toning exercises.

    Level IV: Blue is our heaviest level of resistance. Athletes and aspiring athletes will fall in love with the challenge that this band brings. For others in fitness, make sure to slowly work up to this level as it is quite intense. This band is used for exercises that require significant resistance.

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