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Introducing a revolution in resistance training. ReXist360’s patented resistance training system a powerful one-of-a-kind technology designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our power bands can dramatically increase strength, speed and endurance, build lean muscle and torch fat.

ReXist360 training system comes with multiple levels of resistance giving you the power to scale up or down while walking, running or training.

Designed For All

Our new fitness product is designed to intensify any workout without the unwanted pressures added to your back, knee or ankle joints. You can achieve twice the workout and potentially twice the results in less time. Get leaner, stronger, faster. Torch calories while increasing muscle tone with safety and ease. Our resistance bands are designed to move with your body and provide you with greater flexibility and range of motion while you workout. Train in any plane of motion optimizing mobility and speed. Reduce risk of injury. Have fun while you get fit! Our ReXist360 training system can also aid in rehabilitation by  incorporating them into routine routine rehab exercises to strengthen weak or injured muscles and ligaments. The options and benefits of training with ReXist360 are truly limitless. Are you ready to find your inner athlete, get in the best shape of your life and achieve #irreXistable results?



What kind of results will you see when exercising with ReXist360?

What target areas should you expect to build muscle and gain strength? 

How does ReXist360 help increase performance for athletes?

The ReXist360 training system resembles the elasticity to skeletal muscles due to product width. This makes them the suitable resistance bands for the athlete. ReXist360 resistance bands help develop the muscles of each phase of the running process which is essential for greater speed and quickness. Other workouts focus on a single phase which limits the ability to get faster. ReXist360 concentrates on the major running muscle group (calves, hamstrings, and quads) simultaneously, which is critical to greater acceleration.

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