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Resistance Training System

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Intensify Your Knee Driver Plank with ReXist360

Watch as Master Trainer, Shay Kostabi, shows you how to intensify your Knee Driver Plank. #Workoutwednesday #inspiration Knee Driver Plank with @rexist360 resistance bands. Take…

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Citrus Basil Quinoa with Pulled Chicken, Avocado and Micro-greens

I am so totally obsessed with the Quinoa Poulet Salad at Erik Kaiser Bakery I had it for lunch 3 days in a row. So…

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March 7
ECA World Fitness Time: ALL DAY
March 1
Athleta - Power to the She Time: ALL DAY
Feb 22
Sweaty Saturday Time: 11:30pm & 12:30pm
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